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Standup Paddleboard Company (SUPco.tv) is Tacoma’s only local Standup Paddleboard supplier of high quality Standup Paddleboards and SUP Gear. We are in the Tacoma, Washington area, but we can ship you a brand new standup paddleboard anywhere in the USA, or even the world. We also want to connect with other Stand Up Paddleboard riders around the northwest and around the globe.

Have you ever wanted to try Standup Paddleboarding? Now you can. This watersport is the latest craze spreading across the country…and the world. You don’t need an ocean to enjoy the water on a surfboard. Standup paddleboarding is basically riding an oversized surfboard, paddling with a one sided oar and standing on two feet. It is very easy to get started and can be ridden with little to no practice. Become up close and personal with nature on your very own stand up paddleboard. You just need a body of water. A lake, pond, calm stream or even the beautiful Puget Sound is a perfect location. You can paddle alone or with friends and family.

Stand Up Paddleboard Fitness – Standup Paddleboarding can be a fantastic workout. It can be a steady, consistent and fast-paced workout or a slow, relaxing glide on the water. This very fun activity provides great health benefits, both mentally and physically. Almost everyone can enjoy it. From 7 to 70 years old, this sport can be for you.

Contact us to buy your Standup Paddleboard, or schedule a time to take a ride on our demo boards. We will even show you the local Tacoma Stand Up Paddleboard spots that we paddle at. This way you know where to safely ride your stand up paddleboard and have the most fun. We are creating a community of SUP riders and enthusiasts. Please contact us and join our Tacoma Stand Up Paddleboard Community.

Experience it for yourself, and you will be hooked! I guarantee it!

David Elliott
Founder – SUPco.tv
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New REI Stand up Paddle Video

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Please check out this new Stand Up Paddling Video with all of the legends of the sport. “A Standup Paddle Movie” is a documentary about the beginning of Stand Up Paddle Sports. This documentary will profile the top athletes in different disciplines of the fastest...READ MORE

Round the Rock Northwest Standup Paddleboard Race 2011

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Today I met up with Jeff Underwood on Mercer Island and we talked about the upcoming Round the Rock SUP race in 10 days. I found it interesting how this race went from a few guys racing around the island a few years ago, to...READ MORE

Inland Paddleboarding is catching on everywhere

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Stand up Paddleboarding may have it’s roots in Hawaii and the ocean beaches, but the inland crowd is quickly taking this activity to a new level. It is catching in great numbers in places far away from the ocean. From Tahoe to the Great Lakes...READ MORE

Standup Paddleboarding is a great surfing alternative

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I have surfed for 30 years all over the world but I found myself living 2 hours away from the closest surfing beach but only a mile away from tons of flatwater. Standup Paddleboarding has been a great way to stay on the water and...READ MORE

My Favorite Laird Hamilton Video

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Laird Hamilton is one the world’s best waterman and this video shows him ripping waves and doing 360′s with ease. This is my favorite Stand Up Paddleboard wave riding video. Check out Laird’s Website. LairdHamilton.com

Lake Tahoe Power Boat use drops and stand up paddlers increase

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If the waters of Lake Tahoe seem a little less choppy from boat wakes, they likely are. While the popularity of paddling sports continues to increase, power boat use is decreasing locally and statewide. The number of boats inspected at the lake fell by more...READ MORE

Stand up Paddleboarding in Minnesota

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Just like in the Northwest, people in Minnesota love standup paddleboarding as well. Here’s a cool video about a family and friends enjoying this excellent sport. Minnesotans are on board with stand-up paddleboarding, one of the world’s fastest-growing water sports. One after another, a pack...READ MORE

Standup Paddleboards Lifejackets and the US Coast Guard

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Stand-Up Paddleboards (SUPs) are quickly becoming a popular form of on-water recreation in the Northwest. The US Coast Guard and State Boating Safety Officials are recognizing this developing sport and have issued statements about how laws and regulations apply to them. The Coast Guard has...READ MORE

Stand up paddling with the sharks

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Stand up paddling with giant Sharks may not be a good idea and I don’t know who this person is, but everyone has their own path. The Stand Up Paddling sport is a ton of fun and is catching on everywhere, but please be aware...READ MORE

World’s largest Standup Paddleboard breaks the world record

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I like it when I see people pushing the limits of the rules. The C4 Waterman have brought Standup paddleboarding to every part of the world and here is a new one. WDA – The world’s largest stand-up paddleboard, at 33 feet long by 8...READ MORE

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